Swipe File Pro

An Open Letter to All who Desire To Be World Class Copywriters… 

“Crawl Into The Minds of Billion Dollar Copywriters and Burn THEIR Copy Into YOUR BRAIN, Guaranteed!” 

From: The Desk of Jason Hart
RE: Swipe File Pro
Time: Tuesday, 10:55 AM

Dear Copywriter:

Would you like to know the one simple secret that every great copywriter and direct mail marketer has in common...the single critical element that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams?

If so, then pay close attention because this unfair asset will allow you to inflict your will upon any market...at any time.

"This May Be The Most Important Message You Will Ever Read!"

Here's why...

Have you ever wondered what it is that separates millionaire copywriters from all the wanna be's...what isolates them from the rest?  Do they have some special talent or connections?  No, not really...

If you want to know the truth...it's none of the above.

They just happen to know a secret.  A secret that not only drastically cuts the time, cost and insecurity of launching an ad but it's an actual insurance plan against the high collapse rate that deflates the egos and depletes the bank accounts of rookie writers.

What is the secret...one that the pros thrive on, that enables them to launch copy that is razor sharp and cuts like a laser-beam to the heart of their target market?  What is it that they do to spark that urge to buy?

Do you know what it is?

Quite simply THEY STEAL!

How To Cheat Your Way To
Becoming A Better Copywriter, Faster!

Would you like to cheat  your way to becoming a better copywriter, faster? If so, here's how you do it: Copy out proven sales letters in your own handwriting. Do not use a computer or keyboard. Do it by hand, with a pen and paper.  No matter what anyone else tells you this is in fact the only way to really learn how to write effective copy.

By copying out winning sales letters by hand, your ability to write extremely effective copy will grow exponentially. You’ll begin to learn, at an extraordinary rate, the pace to good copywriting. There's a tempo, a flow and a certain vocabulary. And there is only one way to pick it up... to really ingrain it in your neurology and physiology... is to actually write out powerful, winning ads.

Here’s how world class copywriter Scott Haines described it, “I'll give you a simple analogy: World-class Olympic swimmers have a harness-type thing that pulls them through the pool. And what they do is, they hook themselves up to this thing and set the speed at a world-record pace. Then they swim and try to keep up. The thinking is, they will feel what it is like to swim that fast, then they will be able to eventually emulate it on their own.”

You can't learn karate by watching a video or studying a match and you won’t learn copywriting by merely observing. You gotta DO it to learn it.

Copying out winning sales letters in your own handwriting is THE TRUE SHORTCUT to copywriting mastery.

So How Do You Begin Building
a Collection of Winning Ads?

Basically, whenever you come across an ad or sales letter that makes you want to stop, rip out your wallet and throw the money down...print it first!  Grab a highlighter and circle the parts of the ad that get you excited and eager to purchase. Next put it away in a folder or notebook.  This is your swipe file.

Eventually you will accumulate a stack of ads and a quite common swipe file. However, world class copywriters don't own ORDINARY swipe files.  Their swipe files constitute the Crown Jewels of marketing mastery, having taken thousands and thousands of dollars to build over many, many years.

It used to be real hard to build a quality collection of proven ads and sales letters.

Before you had to like, know a world class copywriter, and not just casually, you had to like be his best buddy, even then the chances of him giving you access to his personal swipe file were slim to none.

Let me ask you a couple of questions…

Are you serious, I mean real serious about making Big money in direct response?

Do you realize how absolutely critical a well armed “swipe file” is to your success?

If your answer to both those questions was YES, then you’ll most likely want to jump at this incredible and rare opportunity…

But let me be completely upfront with you…
this may
NOT be for you!

Unfortunately most marketing folks find it hard to imagine that a collection of “junk mail” could be the master key to unlock the vault of wealth they seek.  Its sad, but even some of the savviest marketers just don’t get it.

If this describes you then it would be best if you just close out this page immediately, because this letter will just be a waste of your time.

However, if you do understand the immense value that a great swipe file collection can bring you…

   How it can quite literally enable you to explode your sales...

   Sending your response rates into the stratosphere…

   All by simply slipping in a few strategic ingredients “lifted” from mega blockbuster   sales letters...

Then you are gonna love this…

Because you are about to gain access to the largest online collection of Swipe Files ever archived in one location.

"Now You Can Quickly and Easily  'Break In' and 'Legally Steal' The Headlines, Lead Ins and Actual Ad Copy of Hundreds and Hundreds of  The Top Money Makers of All Time."

Imagine...an easy to follow roadmap of priceless copywriting secrets. By possessing this incredible collection of ads you will have at your fingertips the potential to create unlimited templates which model virtually every conceivable market.  Think about owning the Holy Grail of "Swipe Files" with a bottomless well of concepts and offers which will literally last you for decades.

But you won't be spending decades assembling this "File"...nor will it cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.  In fact there is only one way YOU could have ever put together such a collection of print ads as powerful as this...by going back in time and painstakingly building this "Swipe File" from scratch.

My personal collection of Swipe Files is MASSIVE and I have decided to share the ENTIRE Collection!

In the past I have only let a small portion of this collection leak out, but the entire collection has NEVER been made AVAILABLE TO ANYONE.

Remember these are world class ads...billions and billions of dollars worth of fortune building, scientifically proven, direct response advertising.

It is literally worth millions…

But you have to be careful whose stuff you copy out. In order for you to take full advantage of this shortcut method to copywriting mastery you need to copy only the best; Schwartz, Sackhiem, Oglvy, Carlton, Gary “B”, Hopkins, Caples, Barton, Reeves, etc, etc. You want to have access to the full gamut of all the best and most profitable ads

For decades I have been collecting ads from the very best copywriters in the world.

Over the past several years I have been carefully scanning each and everyone of them and storing them on a mini wall of hard drives in my copywriting lab.

If you were to actually print out and file this AMAZING COLLECTION you would need A HUGE WALL of file cabinets – 96 DRAWERS OF FILES.

I keep these hard drives under strict lock and key because they are filled with…

My Personal Swipe File Collection

You say you have a swipe file collection?
  • I'll bet you don't have 1% of the ads covered in this mother lode.

  • Not only that but are your swipes easy to find?

  •  Can you lay your hands on the specific headline you need, when you need it? How about a bullet point you’re searching for?

If you have started your swipe file collection it's probably a vast resource taking up valuable real estate on your hard drive. This incredible and valuable resource you have is utterly useless to you, because it’s just sitting there taking up space and gathering dust.

Let me ask you a few more questions...

Have you ever purchased a huge collection off swipe files?

You know, one of those mega collections where each file is maybe 300-500 pages of swipes all bundled together in one huge PDF?

If so have you ever used it?

How often?

Do you think this is a practical way for you to find what you are looking for when you need it?

I would venture to say, "This is absolutely the WORST way to manage a swipe file collection." Swipe Files are EXTREMELY valuable resources and can make you many, many thousands, if not millions of dollars in the right hands.

What do I mean by the right hands?

Well, you have to have a system in place to be able to effectively utilize any swipe.  A huge file with dozens if not hundreds of swipes all bundled together is not the most effective way to utilize this resource.

How easy do you think it would be to find just the right headline, body copy, closer, etc in a file of that magnitude?


And, that my friend is the point. These MEGA SWIPE FILES are basically useless and so...

They just sit on your hard drive collecting dust.

Well I'm about to change all that...

Today I am announcing the creation of...

"Swipe File Pro"

Where you will have access to thousands of swipes from the 1800's to the present Internet age .

They will be ORGANIZED so that you will be able to find  what you are looking for when you need it.

You will also be handed a Blueprint For Success...A Manual that virtually hands you an Organized, Systematic aproach to utilize the vast resource that your Swipe Files represent to you and your business.

Let Me Ask You A Blunt And
Quite Frankly Uncomfortable Question:

Have you ever stared at a blank screen until the veins in your head began to pop or you felt like slitting you wrists to draw blood just so you could get something down on paper?

Well, imagine never, ever being stumped for a headline, an opener, an offer, for bullets, guarantees, postscripts or any other aspect of a writing project.  Picture yourself having full access to these files ALL 96 drawers and walking over whenever you’ve hit a wall, unlocking a drawer and then...

There is such a wealth of brilliant Ads contained in this VAULT that it only takes you a few minutes to find the perfect piece.

Your days of writers block are totally, literally and instantaneously gone!

Clearly I’m not promoting plagiarism, which is illegal.  What I am advocating is the legal and ethical use of the ideas and concepts of winning Ads.  YES, you certainly can “borrow” and “model” these ads for your own use!

Picture yourself, armed with the most powerful copywriting weapons known to man, weapons so powerful they quite literally enable you to capture your readers undivided attention, as they hang on every word, reading with ever increasing interest each and every paragraph…

Weapons so powerful that even if you use them chaotically you’ll still be able to magnify your reader’s emotional desires to such a degree that…logically their only choice is to buy from you.

This swipe file is worth A KINGS RANSOM.  It has made collectively many, many millions, and it has the potential to do the same for you.

Many of these ads are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find and if you tried to replicate this Swipe File it would take you years to find them one by one.

The going rate to purchase rare ads like these is anywhere from $15 to $65 each to have them PDFed and sent to you.  In today’s market a conservative estimate of the total value of this valuable membership site over a three year period would be $108,000.00 and that would be a bargain!

But you might be saying to yourself. "some of these ads must be 50, 60 or 70 years old, will they work in today’s world of 'sophisticated' shoppers. The answer may surprise you…

"The Ideas Contained in These Ads
Work Even Better Today!"

To find out, I found a survey conducted with some of the most successful online marketers, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, and Harlan Kilstein.

These guys are earning a fortune on the strength of their advertising, and each one of them credits much of his success to what he learned from "borowing" and adapting powertful elements from winning ads.

Not only will these ads virtually HAND you all the pieces of the copywriting puzzle, but by studying them you will learn the precise strategies to construct shockingly successful online advertising campaigns.

You might also be saying to yourself I’m not involved in advertising and I‘m certainly not a professional writer… That’s OK because it would be shortsighted to see Swipe File Pro as only applying to advertising, or that you need to be a professional writer to benefit from membership. The fact of the matter is…If you are involved in any form of sales or marketing, the benefits you'll receive as a member of Swipe File Pro could be worth hundreds of thousands to you in future earnings. In addition to the marketing wisdom and profit-building insights you'll gain from studying these winning ads, you will also receive immediate benefits if you would like to know how to:

  • Create A Marketing Plan That Causes Midas-Touch Investors To Drool At The Mere Thought Of Providing You With Financial Backing 
  • Convert Your Resume Into A Tie-Jerking Tour De Force That Commands Consideration 
  • Create Pattern Interrupting, Compelling Daily E-Mails And Memos That Get Opened And Acted Upon Immediately
  • Write Cover Letters To Potential Employers That Establish You As The Obvious Expert And The Only Logical Choice Without For A Moment Stretching The Truth

This one-of-a-kind membership site will provide you with every single tool you need to grab and hold anyone's attention — whip his/her emotions into a burning desire — provide a solution soaked with benefits — establish on the spot integrity — and then stir him/her to take immediate, decisive action.

Swipe File Pro is like the publishers clearing house of advertising copy.  This sucker is HUGE!
It may well be The Largest Privately Held Collection of Swipe Files in the World.

If you think about it, it’s like having a private pass to Fort Knox.

Here's how it works...

Every month you will receive via email a link to download a brand new specially selected collection already categorized for you.  You're guaranteed to receive at least 33 winning swipes each and every month.  As many as 188 ads have gone out in a single month!

Each ad has been saved as individual PDF, NO MORE BUNDLES! I'm also putting in your hands, a blueprint, a manual that will walk you through the simple process of setting up an organized system to catagorize your swipe file collection on your very own hard drive.  All you do is follow the paint-by-numbers instructions.  This will enable you to build and access one of the most powerful marketing tools you could ever posses.

Dozens and dozens of new swipes will be made available monthly and you will be kept abreast and notified as soon as they are available for download.

But there's more...

If your one of the first 50 to sign up you will also get access to...

More than $2,400 Worth of
Additional Products and Resources...
On top of having private and exclusive access to my Personal and Massive Swipe File collection you will also have at your disposal a personal resource library to die for.

A treasure trove of RARE and classic copywriting books, programs and manuals to use anytime you like to further your education towards becoming a masterful copywriter.

It might not be a bad idea to get yourself a new bookcase...or maybe clear out an old one.  Also, make sure you position it within easy reach of your work area.  Your about to gain access to $2,400 worth of the most exceptional and effective copywriting, marketing and skill-mastering programs EVER added to the back end of a product...ALL at no additional charge!

Maybe your thinking that I'm just throwing this stuff in to sweeten the deal, nothing could be further from the truth.  As I gaze at this list, all I can say is...

If over the next two years alone, you were to immerse yourself in a study of just the program listed below you would end up knowing more about writing masterful copy than most of the top copywriters on the planet.

But remember this is just the tip of the iceberg and these exclusive products are limited to the first 50 who sign up to try out this offer

Here is just a partial list of what your about to take ownership of...

The Master's Seminar
(Value: $936)

EXTREMELY Rare Digitized VHS video presentation of this in-house lecture to a major direct-marketing company.

After Years of Searching For It,
I Was Finally Able to Locate this Extraordinary, Secret Video!

Recorded As Gene Schwartz Revealed His PROCESS of Writing Copy To a By-Invitation-Only Group of Direct Mail Professionals

This Information is NOT in
Breakthrough Advertising

It is Entirely NEW and
Unique Material

Gene Schwartz, marketing genius that he was, will explain and illustrate to you in a step-by-step fashion, how to scientifically recognize in an extremely methodical way, your prospect's wants and then how to easily direct it ... control it ... and focus it like a laser beam on your offer.

Gene received a small fortune to present this material ... and it’s a tell-all presentation.

This video is a little rough around the edges (it’s from an old VHS tape) however, its an absolute goldmine of ideas, as Gene goes into great lengths in detailing his successes and what it actually took to achieved breakthrough results one right after the other. The fascinating examples he provides reveals the entire process he used to achieve such spectacular results (this information was NOT INCLUDED IN BREAKTHROUGH ADVERTISING).

Here is a small portion of the vital "secrets" Gene revealed, for the first time, in this fascinating video presentation...the numbers in brackets are were to find the information on the tape:

  • Discover a hidden "covert" tactic that very few copywriters understand...it's critical to your success [5:10]
  • Uncover an ultra simple "trick" to beat the very best no matter how talented they are [8:40]
  • Learn the ESSENTIAL principles of copywriting...if you want to be a winner [6:53]
  • The exact method you need to implement to write the most powerful copy in the world, an almost effortless system that literally guarantees your success as a copywriter. [9:24]

  • What critical element is needed before you start to build your ad...miss this and your ad sinks to the bottom [13:00]

  • Learn how you can easily uncover the ultimate strength in any ad [15:20]

  • Find out what is the number one key element that will separate you as a great copywriter from the rest of the field...almost nobody knows this [18:03]

  • Discover the step-by-step secret to unlimited wealth and prosperity as a copywriter [19:21]

  • The biggest mistake almost ALL copywriters make...how to avoid falling into this trap [25:58]

  • Covert underground tactic enables you to look straight into your readers feelings...the source of all buying decisions [28:37]

  • Learn the ideal time frame to spend working on any project...only 4.9% of the population is aware of this [30:06]

  • What important element should follow every hook [32:12]

  • Discover the million dollar secret that will set you apart from all other marketers [41:40]

  • Revealed for the first-time, radical secrets of “A” – “B” piles [45:25]

  • Previously undisclosed truths about headlines — how many headlines should there be [47:15]

  • The one key phrase that needs to appear on the envelope...miss this and it may never get opened [48:39]

  • What has replaced the headline in direct mail...the answer may shock you [48:58]

  • The honest truth about how long the copy really needs to be [51:55]

  • Why you should never ask your reader to buy anything [52:36]

  • There is one question you need to ask your self before picking up a pen and writing a word of copy...what is it... [53:06]

  • The most powerful word in the English language - No, it isn't "FREE" [54:01]

  • Discover the one thing you must know as a copywriter in order to captivate the attention of your audience [55:20]

  • Learn what must be required reading for every aspiring copywriter [51:15]

  • Revealed for the first time, a “secret” tactic used only by Schwartz to determine the rhythm of every ad [1:00:09]

  • How to really sell financial newsletters [1:02:50]

  • Contrast claims with mechanisms [1:05:37]

  • Gene Schwartz' previously undisclosed secrets to writing killer bullet points [1:06:33]

I'm not exactly sure how long I can offer this RARE video presentation. I'm at the mercy of Gene's estate and they could pull the plug at any time.

"Learn Directly From The Master Himself!"

This EXTREMELY RARE live presentation by the one and only Eugene Schwartz, arguably the greatest copywriter who ever lived, is absolutely PRICELESS.  There has never, ever been anything like it. It's no overstatement to declare that the concepts in this video presentation are responsible for untold BILLIONS of dollars in profits. And there are quite a number of multi-national corporations that would not be here today if it were not for what they learned from Gene Schwartz.

Swipe File Pro Was Created With The Budding Copywriter and The Enterprising Entrepreneur In Mind.

When I decided to unleash the mother lode I ran into a big dilemma.  What do I charge for something of this magnatude. 

Remember the going rate is $15-$65 each and at that price you would be receiveing a bargain.
The vast majority of these ads were developed on large budgets, with the copywriters being paid $10,000, $15,000, $25,000 and up to produce these blockbusters sales letters and then they sometimes got royalties on top of that!  Sales letters that you're going to be able to swipe and model from. You'll have access to over 100 years of killer copy!

It took me several decades to amass this mammoth collection.  Understanding, as I do, how far the right information can take you...if I were just starting out now, I'd be willing to pay a thousand dollars a month for the tips, techniques and insider "secrets" access to this site provides.

It's certinly worth that...just think about all the power, money and freedom you will derive from just one blockbuster campaign built on the techniques and strategies gleaned from access to this incredible vault of advertising copy.

But in fact I have no intention of charging you $1000 a month.

Because I really want to make this afordable for all who have a sincere desire to harness the power contained in these ads and use them to build their own marketing empire.

When my fellow colleagues caught wind of my intentions they were ready to ring my neck.

you see...

Some of the swipes that I have in my collection, they also have in theirs, we're kind of an elite group, they have used these very same files to produce million dollar sales campaigns and they are extremely upset that I am willing to basically just hand over their wildly successful business model to you.

Yeah, you can imagine, they were real interested in what I planned to charge for this.  In fact they were calling me almost hourly.  You could here the receiver hit the ground and the cursing in the background when I finally dropped the bomb and told one of them that I was releasing the entire collection for less than 22 cents an ad!

You see with over 33 winning ads being delivered every month, a price of less than 22 cents an ad keeps it afordable for everyone.

As I said before I am releasing my ENTIRE SWIPE FILE COLLECTION.  One of the most complete collections of Swipe Files on the planet.  You will not find a more all-encompassing set of ads anywhere else on or off the net.

Imagine just $19 $9.97 a month gets you access to one of the greatest resources for success in the field of marketing and beyond.

That's why I said earlier that this EXCLUSIVE membership site is only for those who TRUELY understand and take copywriting seriously.

This is not a program for those who think things are going to  just "fall into their lap."

You know it and I know it...if you want to be highly successful you need to make the effort.

But, its really important that you get involved as quickly as possible because membership is strictly limited to 100 people.  After that, everyone else will be placed on a waiting list.  Then you'll need to wait from someone to drop out before there is an opening.

Your Skills Will Improve
With Each Passing Day

Why not become a member today and have total, complete and unfettered access to the entire collection.  As a Member you will have PERMANENT ACCESS to them any time you want and you'll be able to download every single ad.

You'll also receive a ton of bonuses in addition to building one of the largest collections of swipe files you have ever seen.

"Every Month Dozens and Dozens
of Classic and RARE Ads. Will Be Released

and Occasionally a Multi-Page

That's right!  For a measly $19 $9.97 dollars a month you can begin to amass the largest collection of swipe files you or the world has ever seen.  Don't believe me, well...

Here's a run down of what was delivered to members over a recent 30 day period:

  • [Social Security] You May Be Eligible...  (Agora Publishing)
  • [Weight Loss] You Can Lose 20-40-60-80 Even 100 Pounds...  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Weight Loss] The World's 1st Spot Reducing Diet Weight Lose Pill
  • [Weight Loss] Safest Healthiest Way...
  • [Weight Loss] Surgeon General Warning...  (Ben Suarez)
  • [Weight Loss] Get Weight Off... (Mel Martin)
  • [Weight Loss] Want To Loss 9-17 Pounds?
  • [Weight Loss] New Medical Breakthrough...Blast Up To 49 Pounds Off In Only 29 Days
  • [Home-Based Business] You...A Millionaire?  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] The Ultimate Investment...  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] Your Real Estate Syndication Better Have...  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] How You Can Build A Substantial Financial Nest Egg  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] I'm So Sure My ______ Course Will Help You Profit...  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] These Are Two of The Wealthy Investors Who...  Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] 6 Basic Principles That Have Helped Build...  (Hume)
  • [Home-Based Business] These Are The Only Two Methods For Acquiring Real Wealth 
  • [Home-Based Business] Why Becoming A Millionaire Now Is  A Perfectly Realistic Goal...
  • [Home-Based Business] It's Easier Than You Think To Make $1,000,000  (Hume)
  • [Health  -  Magalog] The Biggest Revolution In Medicine In 150 Years  (Boardroom)
  • [Space Ads] $418 Billion Dollar Givaway Approved By Congress...
  • [Space Ads] Vinegar: A Spoon A Day Helps Keep...
  • [Space Ads] Alleviate Your Knee Pain Now...
  • [Space Ads] Almost Painless Testing!
  • [Space Ads] Old Cookbook Reveals...Amazing Details of Washington's Dinning Habits
  • [Space Ads] Amish Man's New Miracle Idea Helps Home Heat Bills...
  • [Space Ads] Arthritis Pain And Fibromyalja Linked To...
  • [Space Ads] Arthritis Pain Relief
  • [Space Ads] Desperate Arthritis Victim Stumbles Onto An Amazing Pain Relief Formula
  • [Space Ads] Black Listed Cancer Treatment Could Save Your Life  (Agora)
  • [Self Help] A New Kind of Psychiatry...
  • [Self Help] Change Your Life Next Week  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] How To Make Anybody Like You!  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] How To Pick Men  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] To The Man Who Will Settle For Nothing Less...  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] At Last!  A Leading Woman Executive Shows How To...Work All You Want And Be A Better Wife and Mother Because of It! (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] How To Read People Like A Book  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] How Your Body Can Make You Rich  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] How To Defend Yourself Against...  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self Help] The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself...  (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Ogilvy and Mather] How To Create Advertising That Sells  (David Ogilvy)
  • [Ogilvy and Mather] How Direct Response Advertising Can Increase Your Sales and Profits
  • [Ogilvy and Mather] How To Create Financial Advertising That Sells  (David Ogilvy)
  • [Ogilvy and Mather] Ogilvy and Mather Report on Its First Year  (David Ogilvy)
  • [Ogilvy and Mather]How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?  (David Ogilvy)
  • [Mortgage Origination] Three celebrity business Gurus show mortgage originators how to     increase revenue by 47% in a single year...  (Jay Abraham)
  • [Space Ad] Why nice American birds are called names like Tit, Loon Booby & Goatsucker:  (Boardroom: Mel Martin)
  • [Hypnotism] For the first time an expert who teaches DOCTORS how to CURE WITH HYPNOTISM...  (Parker Publishing, 1964)
  • [The Bowery] What A $500 Depositor...
  • [Retirement] How To Double Your Life's Savings...
  • [Retirement] A Bill of Rights...
  • [Retirement] Now Everybody Who Wants...
  • [Retirement] What Those High Interest...
  • [Marketing] I paid This...Genius (Jay Abraham)
  • [Weight-Loss] Overcomes the Body... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Don't Pay A Penny... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] You Are Twice As Smart As You Think... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Don't Pay a Penny [different ad] (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] I'll Make You A Mental... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Let This Machine Work... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Now Turn Your Mind Into... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] How To Give Your Child... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Use Your Newspaper To... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Information Machine (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] Now The Worlds Greatest (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Self-Help] AT LAST!  The Complete... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Space Ad] I Had Arthritis Pain
  • [Marketing] How To Launch Your Own Business (G. B.)
  • [Marketing] Shoestring Business that You or Your Wife Can Start Now... (G. B.)
  • [Marketing] A Treasury of Business Opps... (G. B.)
  • [Self-Help] Do You Make These Mistakes at Job Interviews... (G. B.)
  • [Marketing] Announcing A Direct Response Ad... (G. B.)
  • [Marketing] Announcing Apprenticeship Program for Aspiring Millionaires (G. B.)
  • [Marketing] Top New Report From Top Ad Expert (Gary Halbert)
  • [Marketing] Attached A Nice, Crisp Dollar Bill... (Gary Halbert)
  • [Marketing] Attached a Nice Shiny Penny... (Gary Halbert)
  • [Health - Magalog] How To Improve Your Eye Health...
  • [Weight-Loss] 7 Myths About Weight Loss (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] Heater Heats Faster, Better, Quieter... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] Relieve Pain Throughout (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] Fountain of Youth Discovered (Ben Suarez)
  • [Weight-Loss] Loss The Weight You Want... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] New Advanced Lawn Mower (Ben Suarez)
  • [Weight-Loss] Bread Miraculously Stops Appetite and Hunger... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Marketing] Ohio Man Discovers... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] New Research Finds (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] Best Air Purifier (Ben Suarez)
  • [Health] ALLEVIATE Joint Pain (Ben Suarez)
  • [Health] ALLEVIATE Joint Pain [#2] (Ben Suarez)
  • [Health] Relieve Sore Tired Muscles (Ben Suarez)
  • [Health] Relieve Pain Without Drugs... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Health] New Research Finds The Main Cure of... (Ben Suarez)
  • [Space Ad] Finally: Lifetime Stainless Steel (Ben Suarez)
  • [Hypnotism] ...Use Self-Hypnotism To Make Life... (Eugene Schwartz)
  • [Health] Mallorea Pain Secret (Ben Suarez)
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Yes Jason, I want Swipe File Pro, which gives me unlimited access to your entire and ever growing collections of swipe files...the largest collection of swipe files ever assembled (and every new swipe collected as well) as long as I remain a member, for the ridiculously low price of just $997 $297 $97!  I can cancel at anytime...

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Yes Jason, I want Swipe File Pro, which gives me unlimited access to your entire and ever growing collections of swipe files...the largest collection of swipe files ever assembled (and every new swipe collected as well) as long as I remain a member, for the ridiculously low price of just $997 $297 $97! I can cancel at anytime...

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